Super Red Maeng Da

K Botanicals

$ 12.00 
SKU: 90071

This is the same as our Super Green Maeng Da, except this one is a Red Vein! This Maeng Da comes from trees that are a bit taller and more mature than others we have gotten Maeng Da from before. We think you won't be disappointed.

This strain has been popular with customers for a long time. It's even considered by most as a favorite, and it's not hard to understand why.

Maeng Da is the supreme leader of Kratom strains, and you won't find many who will argue with you on that. Because we acknowledge that you, our customers, only want the best when it comes to Kratom, then we have put our efforts into producing the best Maeng Da you'll ever find. Hand-selected and ground to powdery perfection, the leaves chosen to create this masterpiece of a strain are of the best age and quality.

Please remember, Kratom is sold as a Bulk Botanical Exfoliant only.