Reach Out to Us - Contact

Why is contact so important?

Contact is very important in any business. Nobody likes being put on hold, or never recieving an answer to an email. When you contact a company you do business with, you want live chats, a phone number you can call to talk to an actual person, a store you can walk into for some face to face contact with a real human being. At KBotanicals, you get all of that, and more.

But what does contact really mean?

Being in constant contact with the company you are doing business with is essential because it helps you to feel comfortable and also to know a few things. One, you are not being ripped off. Two, you know exactly where your order is and when you can expect it to be delivered. Contact is imporant when it comes to delivery.

Why is our system unique?

Unique compared to other stores, we also offer contact in a way they can not! You can walk into our incredibly beautiful store at 212 West Main Street in Round Rock, Texas and meet any of our amazing and knowledgeable staff. With their help, you can find you exactly what you need. Remember, if they don't have contact like ours; they're not worth your time!

How can I reach out to you?

That's an easy question: Any way you'd like! That's the beauty of working with a REAL nautral, organic botanical shop, instead of some guy in a garage trying to make a buck. You can reach us on live chat on the site, by coming into the store at the address above, by emailing us or using the contact form, or by calling 512-687-3227. One of our associates will be happy to assit you and make your contact experience great!