Soaps - Issue 1 / Crystal infused Kratom soap!

Soaps - Issue 1 / Crystal infused Kratom soap!

Kratom SOAP!? What's it all about?

Almost every person on the planet uses soap, at least we hope so. Today, we wanted to take a minute to talk about specialty soaps and the different things we use in them and what they do. Why do people buy specialty soaps? Why does KBotanicals bother making them when soaps can be bought at the grocery store. Aren't they the same ingredients?

No. The ingredients used in making the soaps in stores are mostly synthetic and not natural or as biodegradable as our soap materials are. We do our best to source from the Earth, giving you the cleanest feeling you have ever had. We know you want to be happy, everybody wants to be in an elevated mood, and being clean is one of the best ways to start a day that is full of positivity.

I want to start with one of our most popular soaps, which is crystal infused kratom soap. We start making the soap as we would with any of our other soaps, but we add some kratom and some salt crystals to work with the kratom to exfoliate. Kratom is a tree from south east Asia in which the leaves are picked from mature trees, ground up into a fine powder (which is excellent for exfoliation or dyes [which we will talk about in another blog post. One thing about these soaps, if you have pets, is to make sure that your pets do not eat or ingest the kratom soap, or drink the water after the kratom has mixed into it. It is not know what type of effects it would have on them, so it is best to err on the side of caution. 

This soap is said to be great for exfoliating dry skin without irritating it. You can find a lot more information on kratom online, as well. Next time, we will look into one of my favorite of the custom soaps we offer; so stay tuned because there are a lot of other things used in soap besides kratom.

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