A popular, natural exfoliant: Kratom!

A popular, natural exfoliant: Kratom!
Recently, there has been a huge increase in the amount of people using mitragyna speciosa (Kratom) as an exfoliant in their soaps and lotions. Kratom is a well known plant in Southeast Asia, and has been used by cultures there for hundreds of years (at least) for many things. Cultures such as these do not depend on pharmaceuticals to the extent that we do in the United States, for instance.

Kratom is not approved for many of the uses employed over seas, and there has been some very strict guidelines set by the FDA here in America regarding this plant. However, its use as an exfoliant is becoming more and more prevalent, and people are starting to speak up about the benefits of using kratom in their soaps and lotions. These all-natural products are largely in demand over the offerings from major companies, and many people are making a living by making their own soaps and lotions and selling them on sites like etsy. We support the natural movement and are proud to offer most of the materials needed for making handmade soaps and lotions.

Of course, we also make our own soaps, and sell them in our store on on our website. We have been using kratom and sea salts in some of our soaps, and the mixture of the hard scrub of the salts and the softer scrub of the kratom is immensely helpful in scrubbing away dry and dead skin. We have even written a series of articles in this very blog about how to make your own soap at home using kratom and other natural products. Since many people are looking for ways to avoid unnecessary chemicals in the everyday products that they use, we have received a lot of positive feedback about the soap making articles and have many customers asking more about kratom, since the soap recipe is the first time they are hearing about it. You can find a great deal of information about kratom (mitragyna speciosa) online, through Google or any other search engine.

Kratom is available in our store, in bulk, as a raw material for the manufacture of items like soaps and lotions. Although some stores sell kratom as a consumable product (capsules, teas, and other consumable products) and some people also use it as such, our kratom is sold in its raw form in bulk packaging solely intended for non-food preparations. When used in the making of soaps and lotions, kratom is perfectly safe and natural. Our kratom comes from trusted farmers and workers in Indonesia, Thialand, Malaysia, Cambodia, and even Vietnam. Our kratom is often tested by the FDA during import for adulterants and other potential hazards. We appreciate the work the FDA does in trying to ensure the safety of Americans when it comes to natural products being imported from other countries around the world and do our best to stay informed of, and abide by all guidelines set forth by the regulatory agencies like FDA and US Customs. By doing so, we help to ensure that our responsible customers can obtain the raw materials they need for their own handmade natural products.

To learn more about kratom and its use as an exfoliant, we recommend using a search engine like Google.
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